Amalooloo (developed and patented by Betram (Pty) Ltd) is a unique sanitation system for both waterborne and dry (ventilated improved pit) structures. In addition to its existing product, Amalooloo now distributes the Propelair toilet.

Amalooloo’s affordable propriety product does not compromise on quality or style and includes the safe management, collection, storage, treatment and disposal of human excreta. The scientific principle behind the technology is aerobic, natural composting of human excreta that is separated at source. This technology is only dependent on natural, environmental conditions resulting in ecologically friendly results. It also does not require water to function (but we recommend it for health hygiene reasons).

Amalooloo has a built-in hand wash basin for added health and hygiene benefits, and a built-in child safety seat, making it safe and user-friendly for people of all ages and genders, including disabled users.

The door has a child-friendly locking device that prevents someone from locking you in from the outside. Health, hygiene and AIDS awareness educational material is displayed on the inside, and the design provides privacy and safety, and prevents dirt, insects, rodents and snakes from coming in.

Amalooloo’s unique Urine Diversion System (UDS) is one of the key components and a world breakthrough in closing the sanitation loop. Its researched results have been monitored by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry.

To learn more about Amalooloo’s solutions, please contact or visit their website using the details below:

Call: +227 (0) 12 333 8326