ECO Washrooms Solutions

ECO Washrooms Solutions offer a complete, environmentally friendly, washroom solution for all our clients and customers alike. We audit, consult, design, supply, install & maintain beautiful washrooms, crafted and fitted to exacting standards utilising recycled materials where possible.

One of the biggest challenges for modern businesses today is to reduce their carbon footprint. Using less water and energy is the simplest way – our environmental washroom solution can help you to lower your company’s water consumption by up to 90% and reduce your energy usage by up to 50%, saving you money while boosting your company’s green credentials.

In many cases we have been able to provide a complete washroom refurbishment with the costs being offset by the savings our client has made!

Our washrooms are also amongst some of the most hygienic in the world, benefiting the business directly through a reduction in sick days.

Our Eco Washroom Solution can help you to…

Reduce water consumption by up to 90%

Slash energy consumption by up to 50%

Cut paper consumption

Improve hygiene & reduce the spread of harmful bacteria

Offset refurbishment costs through cost savings

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