How much water are you saving?

 How much water are you wasting?

It’s no secret that most of us do not consider our environmental impact as much when we are at work, compared to when we are in our own homes and having to pay our own bills – meaning in our personal lives we tend to think and stress a lot more about…

How much water are we currently using? Did we leave the light in our bedroom turned on all day? Has the heating been on whilst the kitchen door was left wide open?!

All of these little things which could contribute to a waste of valuable resource, but also an increase in bills and what you owe each month due to this wastage.

Now think about the office, factory or building that you work in and what your day-to-day work life is usually like when using water and electricity. This might not be thinking about just you specifically, but this could be picking up on your colleague’s habits as well.

On average the at work water consumption per employee, is 50 litres of water, which equates to 13,000 litres per year.

When this was broken down to understand where most of this water was used, Arup published a performance review in 2016 which stated that washrooms typically use up to 90% of the overall water consumption and 48% of this came from WC’s.

If you put this into perspective and realise how much of your time is spent at work compared to being at home, perhaps your environmental impact is just as important, if not more important than you once originally thought.

This is where Propelair can provide you with a successful and efficient solution to help your business, company or building make huge savings on increasingly scarce resources such as water, whilst reducing carbon emissions, improving hygiene and cutting your water & sewage bills significantly.

The Propelair toilet can be fitted onto almost all existing drainage systems which means there is an opportunity for businesses old and new to make this positive change, which in the end will only present benefits, savings and most importantly save the planet.

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