Green Building Council Australia member

We are excited to announce that Propelair is now part of the Green Building Council Australia. Together we will work towards more sustainable practices and the utilisation of water saving technology within the built environment!

About GBCA

The Green Building Council Australia rates the sustainability of buildings, fitouts and communities through Australia’s largest national, voluntary, holistic rating system – Green Star.

They represent 600+ members including individual companies and other like-minded businesses. The aim of the GBCA is to educate industry, government practitioners and decision-makers, and promote green building programs, technologies, design practices and operations.

What challenges is Australia facing?

Due to water shortages, businesses are under pressure to implement sustainable strategies and ensure that they are reducing their water consumption, hitting net-zero targets and working towards Corporate Social Responsibility.

National Geographic photographer Adam Ferguson visits Murrurundi to find out how water habit changes replenished the town’s dwindling, one-week supply. Watch the video below to find out more about Australia’s water crisis, why water is scarce and where the water goes.

Water stress

Australian rainfall deciles for the combined three-year 2017, 2018, and 2019 April–September periods (based on all years since 1900).

Source – Australian Government | Bureau of Meteorology

The solution: Propelair

1. Propelair® has a two-section cistern; one for air and one for water

2. Before Flushing, the lid is closed to form a seal

3. When the flush sensor is activated water enters the pan to wash it, followed by air from the unique patented pump. The air cannot escape due to the sealed lid. This pushes out the entire contents of the pan to give a powerful, reliable flush.

4. The remaining water fills the water trap.

5. The flush is completed in 3 seconds with the toilet ready to be re-flushed in 20-30 seconds. (subject to water supply pressure)

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