Flush volume in your commercial premises

We take hygiene seriously

How hygienic are you? Do you seize up at the thought of going into public toilets and having to touch the doors in order to use the toilets?

Many do not realise how much cleaner a toilet can be than a lot of daily appliances or objects that we may use…

For instance, you know that smartphone which you can’t put down or spend all of your day using?

That is carrying 10 times more bacteria than found on most toilet seats.

Or the chopping board which you use to cut and prepare your meats on?

This can carry 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, due to the meat!

There is no escaping bacteria and germs – However, Propelair realises how important it is for the end-user of the toilet to feel like they’re in a hygienic environment which in turn will contribute positively to their well-being, health and washroom experience.

That’s why the Propelair toilet has been specifically designed for busy washrooms and high footfall locations where many would assume wouldn’t be to the highest of standards or the cleanest; but due to Propelair’s unique design and system, this couldn’t be far from wrong.

With a high-performance flushing system and closable lid, germs are trapped and efficiently removed from the toilet bowl, meaning that aerosolised germs are removed by up to 95%, compared to a standard toilet which causes a ‘sneeze effect’, spraying bacteria, viruses and moisture into the air.

Additionally to this, the toilet’s antimicrobial latch is protected by SteriTouch which also helps to reduce germs.

Are you looking for a water-efficient, hygienic way of saving water, money and a solution to positively impact your staff or customers?

Find out more about installing Propelair toilets in your office or building by contacting us at info@propelair.com or call 01268 548 322 today!