Improve your portfolio performance and reach those sustainable goals

Improve your portfolio performance

Have you invested in real estate? Do you work out how much of your money is spent due to

water consumption and use of energy in your building(s)?

According to website REIT comparison there are approximately 47 Real Estate Investments Trust’s (REIT’s) based in the UK, covering a variety of buildings and sectors such as offices, shopping centres, hotels and warehouses – most of which have a high footfall throughout the entirety of the year.

Each day the average ‘at work’ water consumption per employee is 50 litres of water per day, which equates to 6,240 litres of drinkable water flushed and wasted each year. Therefore, you can only imagine what the figures would look like at the end of each month or year in these big institutes.

Due to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) such as ‘Number 11: Sustainable cities and communities’ and ‘Number 13: Climate action’ it has become increasingly important that companies, investors and senior decision makers are taking these into consideration when making new investments or taking on new projects.

In a UCL Policy Briefing by Professor Yvonne Rydin, Professor of Planning, Environment and Public Policy she states that the interest of ‘sustainability’ for institutional investors is rather high due to them reducing risk and to help avoid future tenancy voids and obsolescence.

This is where a sustainable property will play a key role due to meeting important benchmarks such as EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates), BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) and GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) standards – all of which are being made top priorities to look for when looking at their next investment.

Do you find yourself running out of ideas on how to reach the numerous environmental standards yet have the assurance that you can receive a high level of efficiency?

By installing or replacing your toilets with Propelair you can expect to see a boost in your portfolio performance and productivity, as well as meet the all-important planning standards and permissions.

This due to the fact that the Propelair toilet exceeds environmental planning legislations such as Part G of the Building Regulations and Code for Sustainable Homes and reaches the highest performance rating under BREEAM’s water efficiency guidelines.

As well as this you can make savings of up to 84% of water AND help hit the net-zero carbon targets by reducing carbon by up to 80%, which in turn presents money savings that you would not believe.

Purchasing Propelair will reduce water and sewage bills by up to 60% and ensures that you will receive 100% tax relief on your first-year, which equates to 19% of your investment!

By introducing innovative solutions such as the Propelair toilet to your projects and future planning you will be one step ahead and leading the way to a sustainable future which will truly benefit your investments and work towards the important worldwide task of saving the planet.

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