Invest in our planet by investing in your business

Investing in sustainability at work doesn’t have to cost the earth. But investing in the right solutions means investing in our planet.

This year on Earth Day, it’s more important than ever to invest in our planet. Recent floods, long droughts and the pandemic have once again shown us how important access to clean water is.

But many of our habits rely on large amounts of water – taking baths, long showers, running the tap while brushing our teeth and even flushing the toilet!

We may take these as granted but water scarcity is a real, current, issue that is going to affect more and more people in future, increasing pollution and hygiene risks, leading to food shortages, devastating wildlife and habitats, damaging whole industries and economies, draining profits and lowering job prospects…

The World Economic Forum counts water scarcity as one of the main five global risks – one in 10 people already haven’t got access to clean water.

Water efficiency affects all areas of our lives. Using water more wisely would both help slow down climate change and ensure that we have enough clean water for the rest of our lifetimes and for the future.

At Propelair, water efficiency is our end goal. It’s our mission to prevent water scarcity getting worse – by installing water-efficient toilets in high-footfall premises.

Why toilets?

Because everybody needs one.
And because no other appliance uses as much water as a toilet.

Many flush with 9 litres of water each time they are used. That’s as much as 27 x 330ml bottles! Toilets alone account for over 40% of all the water used in a building.

With our toilet, our clients achieve three critical goals: they save water from being flushed away unnecessarily, they send less water down the drains (meaning more water available in our lakes, rivers and streams for wildlife) and they conserve more water that can be used to drink or improve sanitation. With our unique toilet design, we also ensure that washrooms are more hygienic, with fewer germs sprayed into the air during flushing.

We believe that sustainability and profitability belong together and encourage companies and organisations to invest in sustainability with Propelair.