John Griggs talks Propelair

 John Griggs talks Propelair

Every day there are more and more organisations making a conscious effort to promote their support towards the prevention of climate change and any unnecessary wastage of natural resources; this may be by introducing things such as a cycling to work scheme or simply by introducing recycling into the workplace.

However, there are so many more ways to go that extra step further and really contribute…

For example, independent organisation Waterwise recently provided stats on their website for #ToiletTuesday looking into aspects such as, drainage systems.

They suggested that if each business or individual were to make it a priority to get their drains thoroughly checked over by a professional to stop any current or potential leaking toilets, then this could save up to 400 litres of clean drinking water from being wasted, per toilet, per day!

One misconception people assume when they think of Propelair is that if they were to replace their current toilets with Propelair toilets, they would need a whole new drainage system… right? Wrong.

Not only was the Propelair toilet designed for high-performance and durability, but also the additional benefit of being able to connect to any reliable drainage system; which in turn means the installation and maintenance process is so much simpler!

This is why we were very much excited to invite drain expert John Griggs to our office to get a real insight into our product; as well as meet our team (the brains of Propelair!).

John has had many years’ experience and is a professional in this field, as throughout his career he has worked in a variety of exciting roles such as; Principal Science Officer at the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE); Principal Consultant at the Building Research Establishment (BRE); as well as involvement in scientific research towards water supply and drainage issues, being chair of the British Standards Institution’s Technical Committee on Water Reuse and recently completing his very own book, named ‘Building Drainage, An Integrated design guide’ – these were just to name a few!

John found out about Propelair over 25 years ago when inventor Garry Moore approached him at BRE and made him aware of this new product he was creating.

“It was very impressive for a prototype and innovative. Since then I have had regular contact and have seen the product develop into an established appliance on the UK market.”

As well as this, John also suggested that he ‘advised about test procedures and rigs to demonstrate and investigate the performance of the Propelair toilet in a drainage system”.

John explains how “using a Propelair toilet will actually improve the flush ability, in that the air forces the water out of the pan. It can be connected easily to a conventional draining system in most commercial instances.”

We aim to continue working alongside experts in this industry and get their feedback as any input allows our team at Propelair to continually perfect and overcome any potential challenges; as well as to continue to be one step ahead.

Therefore, it is a top priority that our toilet is constantly being tested and improved to ensure that everything works to the highest of standards, as well as to excel any of our client’s expectations.

‘To businesses considering replacing their toilets, I would say consider the Propelair toilet. It’s very reliable, it’s innovative, it saves a lot of water and it will give you a reliable flush for many years to come”.

Are you interested in finding out how your business will benefit from a Propelair toilet?

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