Making water saving the main event

Making water saving the main event

A place full of mixed emotions – happiness, sadness, suspense, cheerfulness but most of all, people.

There are an estimated 297 stadiums and arenas in the UK alone, with a combined capacity of around 3.5 million seats.

Have you ever been in a stadium or arena and taken a moment to truly look around at the sheer mass of people that have filled this significant space and wondered how the infrastructure operates?

To keep a stadium running is both complex and expensive making it vital that resources are used effectively and the facilities can cope with the influx of use during events.

With regards to the washrooms, it is perhaps safe to assume they can suffer from the same issues as other public/commercial washrooms but on a greater scale including:

  • Excessive water use
  • Queues and waiting time
  • Poor hygiene
  • Toilet breakages and misuse (meaning frequent maintenance visits and costs)

Take a stadium like Wembley for instance, with a capacity of around 90,000 people; if everyone were to flush the toilet just once during their visit, this could use up to 810,000 litres of water. By replacing their existing toilets with Propelair, they could use only 135,000 litres of water, saving almost 700,000 litres of water, as well as significantly reducing costs, carbon and improving hygiene.

Do you work in a stadium or arena and have the say when it comes to the facilities being used in these buildings?

Contact us on 01268 548 322 or email and give us a chance to measure your current water usage to find out exactly how much water and money you can save – the results will never be disappointing!

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