Find out all the latest information about Propelair technology, what’s on the horizon and how we are working with companies to bring down environmental impact.

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Propelair are crowdfunding!

This forms part of a larger raise but this time we wanted to reserve an allocation for you, our community, to invest so that you can own a part of our business.

Propelair enters the Far East

As part of our 2020 global expansion, we are delighted to announce a shipment of Propelair toilets are due to arrive in Hong Kong early July ’20 via our valued Hong Kong distribution partner Delta Pyramax. This particular shipment is destined for a large Conference Centre, with more to follow!

Share the L.O.V.E.

Celebrate Valentines Day and spread some L.O.V.E...

Want to get rewarded for being sustainable?

There really are ways you can be rewarded for investing in sustainable solutions - here we explain how...

What is Net-zero?

Net-zero is the hot topic of 2019, but what does it really mean and how can you and your business commit to this important national target - find out here...

‘Sustainability’ – What does it really mean?

All we hear and talk about now is sustainability, but do you really know it's meaning and how you can play your part in being sustainable? The time to act is now and we are here to give a bit of an insight, as well as some tips.
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All our news…

How much water are you saving?

Do you make an effort to save on important resources like water and energy? Here's how you and your business can make a real difference...

Flush volume in your commercial premises

Thought you knew all there is to know about hygiene and how you can avoid those horrible germs? Prepared to be surprised...

Propelair partners with Burgess Plumbing in South Africa

Propelair are thrilled to announce that they have partnered with Burgess Plumbing to introduce the Propelair toilet into South Africa.

Improve your portfolio performance and reach those sustainable goals

Propelair talk about the issues Real Estate Investors face when looking at their portfolio performance and efficiency, whilst ensuring they are meeting environmental standards and making savings. Could installing water-efficient toilets be the key solution? We think so...

Helping universities reach their green goals

Universities are implementing policies and schemes to reach their targets in reducing carbon and becoming more eco-friendly. Propelair explains how they can help them do just that!

John Griggs talks Propelair

Drainage expert John Griggs talks about the issues people face when looking at drainage systems and how a Propelair toilet could be the solution for businesses.

Propelair TV

Propelair TV is where you can find a series of help videos, information clips and customer testimonials, helping you understand Propelair and how our technology has helped other businesses.