Find out all the latest information about Propelair technology, what’s on the horizon and how we are working with companies to bring down environmental impact.

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Propelair launches in the Gulf

Propelair partners with Aquaforce Building Materials to launch in the Gulf!

Wates Group lowers building water use by 87%

Wates Group has achieved massive savings with just 27 Propelair toilets!

How germs spread through vents in hospitals

Even when the door is closed, germs can get into the venting system and spread to patients' rooms.

Propelair joins Wates Innovation Portal

Propelair joins Wates Innovation Portal to boost transition to net zero.

Propelair now 25% off with Super Deductions

Get 25% back from the government when you buy Propelair.

World Water Day 2021

Saving water should be on every business's mind every day of the year.
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All our news…

Can you use the Propelair toilet on ships?

Propelair is the perfect, hygienic solution to reduce fuel, environmental impact and weight on ships.

Introducing: Close-To-Flush

We're making washrooms more hygienic!

We’re looking for sales partners in Scandinavia

Propelair seeks sales partners in Scandinavia.

Reduce cesspit emptying costs with Propelair 

Because Propelair uses just 1.5 litres of water per flush, off grid sites need to empty cesspits far less often.

See where Propelair has been featured

Propelair in the news. See where we have been featured.

UK government invests in Propelair

It is official: The UK government is now a Propelair investor.

Propelair TV

Propelair TV is where you can find a series of help videos, information clips and customer testimonials, helping you understand Propelair and how our technology has helped other businesses.