Project Description

World-renowned universty in London

12 Propelair toilets have been installed in three washrooms of this world-renowned university in London. The washrooms are heavily used on a daily basis, making Propelair’s robust design well-suited for the high footfall. The Propelair toilets have thus provided the university with substantial environmental, financial and hygiene benefits.

“Excellent initiative! Every step towards a more ecological is
worth supporting!”

“Great toilets! It’s important to save water; thanks for being
environmentally aware. Thumbs up.”

“Great idea – it’s very practical and ecological. I hope you put this
system in all the toilets!!”


Metered Water Charge

Flushes per Day

Previous Flush Volume
7.5 litres

Annual Savings

180,000 litres


2.4 years

(All figures represent a single Propelair unit)


  • The installation of 12 Propelair toilets have achieved an 80% water saving
  • Annually, this saves 2,160,000 litres of water (building utilisation = 300 days)
  • An annual carbon reduction of 2,230 kg


  • 2,160,000 litres of water saving = £4,644 reduction in water bills annually
  • Payback achieved in 2.4 years


  • Propelair’s unique displaced air technology efficiently removes all waste with one flush
  • Reduces airborne germs by up to 95%
  • Removes up to 99.9% of waterborne contaminants