Project Description

Mace Group

International Bank, London

Propelair worked with Mace Group and carried out a study of the toilets at a leading International Bank in London, studying the water usage on the 8th floor of their building.

We found that the bank could significantly reduce its water usage, so Propelair were given the go ahead to install 114 toilets.

With the installation of 114 Propelair toilets, an 81% water saving has been achieved. Annually this saves the bank £30,776 in water bills, with payback achieved in 3.1 years. 


Metered Water Charge

Flushes per Day

Previous Flush Volume
8 litres

Annual Savings

118,300 litres


3.1 years

(All figures represent a single Propelair unit)


  • The installation of 114 Propelair toilets achieved an 81% water saving
  • Annually, this saves 14,314,300 litres of water (building utilisation = 260 days)
  • An annual carbon reduction equivalent to 14,798 kg


  • 14,314,300 litres of water saving = £30,766 reduction in water bills annually
  • Payback achieved in 3.1 years


  • Propelair’s unique displaced air technology efficiently removes all waste with one flush
  • Reduces airborne germs by up to 95%
  • Removes up to 99.9% of waterborne contaminants
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