Project Description

Propelair in Grade 1 Listed Buildings

Think Propelair could not possibly work in older buildings?

Watch our customer testimonial from Covent’s Garden’s St Paul’s Church below and see for yourself.

St Paul’s Church is based in London’s theatre land, Covent Garden.
It was designed in 1633 by Inigo Jones and is often described as the Actors’ Church because of its association with the theatre community.
Despite its age, the Propelair toilet was a perfect fit for the church when it needed a disabled toilet.
Find out what Reverend Simon Riggs and the late actress Barbara Windsor had to say about the Propelair toilet.

Technically, [the installation] was [going to be] a real challenge: In a building that is this old – grade 1 listed!

But I talked to Propelair and they have been magnificent, really helpful, and they came up with a technical solution.

The Reverend, Simon Rigg