Project Description

Sustainable Ventures

The Sustainable Ventures HQ, based in London’s iconic County Hall, is now saving 1,100 litres of water a day by switching to Propelair, the UK designer and manufacturer of the world’s lowest-water-flush toilet.

Sustainable Ventures is the largest Climate Tech ecosystem in Europe. Hosting an ever-growing community, their central London workspace connects like-minded businesses delivering commercial solutions to climate change and resource scarcity.

By installing 13 toilets in their coworking space, their water consumption has been reduced by more than 84 litres per toilet, per day.

In the 38 working days tested for savings (Oct to Nov 2021 inclusive), the company saved 41,562 litres  – equivalent to 138 full baths, or filling one bath every day from 1 January until 22 May. Sustainable Ventures also reduced the carbon footprint of their workspace by 58kg – equivalent to 5.7 gallons of diesel, or 146 miles driven by an average car (the distance from its head office to Yorkshire Dales National Park).

Shrinking water use with Propelair toilets

“We are as committed to sustainability, preserving resources and fighting climate change as our occupants, so it’s important we employ the most effective technology, and that people see this,” said James Byrne, Partner at Sustainable Ventures.

Sustainable Ventures is a full service ecosystem empowering sustainable startups to scale through community, investment, innovation and workspace.

“We are delighted to be helping Sustainable Ventures to reduce its water use, control its costs, promote hygiene and limit carbon emissions,” said David Hollander, CEO of Propelair, previously MD of Dyson UK.