Project Description

Thames Water

HQ Clearwater Court, Reading

Propelair were engaged to carry out a study of the toilet facilities at the Thames Water Headquarters, Clearwater Court in Reading. They were looking to reduce water consumption and overcome their water availability and peak flow demand requirement issues.

Following the 44 toilets installed in May 2015, Thames Water also decided to install 135 toilets into Walnut Court, Spencer House and Clearwater Court.

“Working with Propelair has been really easy. We’ve got the same sort of objectives, it’s an interesting piece of technology and our staff have really embraced it.”

Andrew Tucker, Water Efficiency & Affordability Manager


Metered Water Charge

Flushes per Day

Previous Flush Volume
7 litres

Annual Savings

88,660 litres


3.9 years

(All figures represent a single Propelair unit)


  • The installation of 44 Propelair toilets will achieve a 79% water saving
  • Annually this will save 3,901,040 litres of water (building utilisation = 260 days)
  • An annual carbon reduction of 4,020 kg


  • 3,901,040 litres of water saving = £8,387 reduction in water bills annually
  • Payback achieved in 3.9 years


  • Propelair’s unique displaced air technology efficiently removes all waste with one flush
  • Reduces airborne germs by up to 95%
  • Removes up to 99.9% of waterborne contaminants
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