Project Description

The Princess Alexandra Hospital

NHS Trust

Following a successful trial, The Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow chose to refurbish all of its public toilets. Propelair technology brings substantial hygiene benefits, alongside increased flush efficiency, which has added value by eliminating blockages in extreme high usage areas where issues had previously arisen on a daily basis.

“We were experiencing blockages nearly every day in one public toilet located outside maternity which was very heavily used. Since replacing this with a Propelair unit 10 months ago there have been no reported blockages. The women’s staff toilet used to block on a daily basis too, but this hasn’t happened since installing Propelair 4 months ago. The toilets work really well and offer savings not just on water but on maintenance costs and call-outs too.”

Bill Dickson, Energy & Environment Manager (Estates & Facilities Dept)


Metered Water Charge

Flushes per Day

Previous Flush Volume
8 litres

Annual Savings

130,488 litres


2.3 years

(All figures represent a single Propelair unit)


  • The installation of Propelair toilets across the site has achieved an 81% water saving
  • Annually this will save over 20 million litres of water (building utilisation = 365 days)
  • An annual carbon reduction of approximately 21,000 kg


  • 20 million litres of water saving = £65K reduction in water bills annually
  • Payback achieved in 2.3 years


  • Propelair’s unique displaced air technology efficiently removes all waste with one flush
  • Reduces airborne germs by up to 95%
  • Removes up to 99.9% of waterborne contaminants
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