Project Description

Testimonial by yacht designer Guy Whitehouse

Guy Whitehouse, a yacht designer, has specified the Propelair toilet for Wights Shipyard in the UK and other projects. He says:

“Installing Propelair was about reduction in water usage and sullage treatment, which allows the boat to have an extended operating window without refilling of discharge.
“By installing Propelair, we were able to reduce the water system sizes and the cost of installation for the yard were lower than usual, too. The weight savings will be positively felt in the pocket of the operator for years to come.”

 There were other reasons for installing Propelair, too.

“The toilet had to be an extremely robust solution that does not breakdown easily: Fast ferries see very high usage of the toilets, of which sometimes there is only one or two aboard. They must not be out of service for any length of time.
“Propelair’s durable design has led to far fewer breakdowns and because its units operate unconnected from each other, the washrooms can continue to operate even if maintenance is required on a unit.”