Preparing for the summer season

Preparing for the summer season

You may usually see Propelair toilets in an office block or service stations up and down the country.

However… we are excited to announce that our toilets are now being used in high-end glamping facilities with event management company Luxmode!

The Summer season is well on its way which means festival season is also fast approaching…

When most think of festivals and events, the first thought is not always ‘luxury’. However, this is where company Luxmode recognised an opportunity and introduced our toilets into an industry which is usually known for not always having the most attractive of washrooms or highest of hygiene levels.

Another aspect that could be seen as a downside to large events such as this, is the amount of money spent when organising transportation which delivers the vast amounts of water and waste, to and from these locations.

For this reason, Propelair can step in and provide some sort of clarity and comfort to the event organisers when looking at positive factors such as a large drop in spendings for transportation, then more importantly, the savings of water – which would equate up to 7.5 litres of water per flush, compared to a standard toilet – (you work it out)!

Lastly, not forgetting benefits for the the festival and event goers who can expect a much more hygienic and positive experience all round; this due to the promise in reduction of aerosolised germs by up to 95%, as well as SteriTouch included on the handle.