About Propelair

Propelair is a CleanTech company based in London who manufacture the worlds lowest water-flush toilet.

We do this because the growing scarcity of clean drinking water presents a huge environmental emergency. Washrooms generally account for around 90% of all water usage across commercial buildings, with toilets specifically wasting almost half of this grand total.

We want to help organisations to save the world’s water resources, one flush at a time! 

How Propelair started

The idea for the Propelair low-flush toilet was first conceived almost three decades ago – but we really started to gain recognition since 2017, when we received our first round of funding from Investec and Earth Capital and restructured our management. We are now a fast-growth cleantech start-up with a solid client base all over the UK and South Africa.

Today, we have an office and a manufacturing site in Basildon (Essex),  several distributor companies, 23 employees and a practical, necessary product that allows your business to meet your environmental targets while significantly reducing maintenance costs and improving hygiene.

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Multiple benefits

Companies that use the Propelair low-flush toilet benefit from not only water reductions, but also carbon reductions, improved financials and a more hygienic washroom environment for customers, visitors and colleagues.

Propelair has numerous clients in the UK and South Africa. Our clients in the UK include McDonald’s, Cardiff University, Grosvenor Estates and Moto Service Stations. In South Africa, we have supplied the Propelair toilet to Nedbank, Pick n Pay and several other organisations.

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Save Water

Save Money

Reduce Carbon

Improve Hygiene

Improved Design

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