About Propelair

Propelair is a CleanTech company based in London

We manufacture the Propelair low-flush toilet. It is the world’s lowest water-flush toilet.

Why do we do this?

Because washrooms generally account for around 90% of all water used in a commercial building!

Within the washroom itself, toilets use up – no, waste! – almost half of all the water. So we have one goal: Saving the world’s water resources, with every flush!

The growing scarcity of clean drinking water presents a huge environmental emergency.

Propelair fits onto existing drains

As such, we have designed the Propelair low-flush toilet specifically for commercial use: to provide a pragmatic solution that saves tons of water and energy – and does it fast.

Propelair can be retrofitted onto existing drains, requiring little to no refurbishment prior to install.

Propelair low-flush toilet needs little water

It operates using just 1.5 litres: A two-section cistern separates the air from water.

The flush process of the Propelair toilet is similar to that of an airplane toilet – except, instead of sucking the waste, our toilet propels air into the bowl.

Hence why we are called Propelair!

Propelair reduces your carbon footprint

Because less water is needed, the Propelair low-flush toilet also saves energy:
The electrical energy is saved at the water treatment plants. By having less water to treat and then pump to customers, you reduce the carbon footprint of your toilet on average by over 81%.

Propelair lowers washroom operation costs

So by using less water and less energy, Propelair lowers your water and sewage bills by up to 60%. This way, the Propelair low-flush toilet pays for itself in just 1-3 years in most cases.

Propelair eliminates germs and Covid-19 aerosols 

In addition to reducing water, energy and bills, Propelair also eliminates aerosolised germs by up to 95% thanks to a closed-lid flush. This includes coronavirus aerosols. And thanks to the powerful air-flush, 99.99% of bacteria inside the bowl are removed.

Propelair saves water, energy and money – while improving washroom hygiene and user experience.

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How Propelair started

The idea for the Propelair low-flush toilet was first conceived almost three decades ago – but we really started to gain recognition since 2017, when we received our first round of funding from Investec and Earth Capital and restructured our management.

We are now a fast-growth cleantech start-up with a solid client base all over the UK and South Africa.

Today, we have an office and a manufacturing site in Basildon (Essex),  several distributor companies, 23 employees and a practical, necessary product that allows your business to meet your environmental targets while significantly reducing maintenance costs and improving hygiene.

Companies that use the Propelair low-flush toilet

Propelair has numerous clients in the UK and South Africa. Our clients in the UK include McDonald’s, Cardiff University, Grosvenor Estates and Moto Service Stations.

In South Africa, we have supplied the Propelair toilet to Nedbank, Pick n Pay and several other organisations.

Read our case studies here or contact us directly.

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What our customers say…

“The Propelair toilets are very good, customers have found them easy to use and we value the water savings they provide.”


“The toilets work really well and offer savings not just on water but on maintenance costs and call-outs too.”

Princess Alexandra Hospital - NHS Trust

“The environmental benefits of this this type of water-saving technology are incredibly important.”

Peacock Theatre
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