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Since the launch of Propelair, we have installed our toilets into multiple locations for large organisations both in the UK and overseas, helping our customers save water, energy, money and improve hygiene.

See below for a selection of case studies.

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Peacock Theatre London loves the Propelair toilet

The Propelair toilet is ideal for theatres. Watch this testimonial by Peacock Theatre.

St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden, London

Think Propelair could not possibly work in older buildings? Think again!

Clearwater Mall

A shopping centre has reduced its water use by almost 12 million litres, and lowered its carbon footprint by almost 13,000kg!

Major bank reduces water use by 75%

South Africa's Nedbank has reduced its water use by 45 million litres per year thanks to Propelair toilets.

Siemens saves 5.5 million litres of water with Propelair

Siemens has saved over 5 million litres of water since installing Propelair toilets!

Testimonial by Guy Whitehouse, yacht designer

Guy Whitehouse, a yacht designer, has specified the Propelair toilet for Wights Shipyard in the UK and other projects.

Blackberry Wood Camping, Glamping and Treehouses

Blackberry Wood chose Propelair for its eco-friendly credentials, and also because their site does not have any mains supply.

Gordon Institute of Business Science

One of Africa's most prestigious post-graduate institutions has reduced its water use by 86% with Propelair.

The Propelair toilet is ideal for off grid sites

The Propelair toilet is ideal for off grid sites that are not connected to main sewage systems: Not only do you save thousands of litres of water - you also lower your tank emptying bills.

Mace Group

Working with Mace Group, Propelair were given the go ahead to install 114 toilets at a leading international bank in London.

Cardiff University

Propelair has helped Cardiff University reduce its water usage by 90% in their washrooms.

Grosvenor Estates UK

Grosvenor Estates are saving almost 4 million litres of water thanks to Propelair!

A London University

12 Propelair toilets have been installed in three washrooms of this world-renowned university in London, saving over 2 million litres of water annually.


McDonald’s washrooms are heavily used, so Propelair’s robust design and water-saving feature helped the fast food retailer gain both environmental and financial benefits.

The Oracle Shopping Centre

Hammerson-owned shopping centre The Oracle has reduced its water use by 75% thanks to Propelair.

The Princess Alexandra Hospital

The Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow has chosen Propelair to reduce its water use, improve hygiene and washroom maintenance.
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What our customers say…

“The Propelair toilets are very good, customers have found them easy to use and we value the water savings they provide.”


“The toilets work really well and offer savings not just on water but on maintenance costs and call-outs too.”

Princess Alexandra Hospital - NHS Trust

“The environmental benefits of this this type of water-saving technology are incredibly important.”

Peacock Theatre
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