Propelair completes its first installation in Dubai

In July, we announced that Propelair was expanding into the Gulf through a partnership with Aquaforce Building Materials. A month on, we are excited to announce that we have completed our first installation at a busy shopping mall in Dubai.

As water scarcity grows, the Gulf countries need to deploy sustainable solutions to meet demand. The six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council face some of the most serious water shortages worldwide. As elsewhere in the world, water is becoming scarce in the already arid GCC. Businesses are now being encouraged to implement water-efficient, sustainable strategies.

Because toilets are the largest source of water wasted outside of the home, Propelair is speaking to numerous organisations and proposes the use of its smart toilet as a strategy to eliminate unsustainable reliance on water resources.

While conventional toilets use 6-9 litres per flush, Propelair uses air to propel just 1.5 litres of water, yet works fine on existing drains (and also on sites that are not connected to drains).

It thus saves not just valuable water resources but also money; it reduces water processing (thereby saving energy), is quick to refill and is more hygienic than other toilets, reducing aerosolised germs, including COVID-19, by 95%.

We believe hygiene and sustainability can and need to be tackled together, in line with the Gulf’s own sustainability goals.

Now that we have completed the first installation of the Propelair toilet, we hope to see more organisations adopting our sustainable solution.

Watch the video below to learn more.