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Propelair has several distribution partners across the UK. Propelair’s distribution partner in the North is Novaloo, which is headed up by Nigel Codman and David Emslie.

The Novaloo team has been helping businesses across the UK to save money, energy and energy since 2015. Providing a full service from analysis and planning, to installation, maintenance and finance – Novaloo specialises in helping organisations to cut their operational costs and to  improve their green credentials at the same time.

With Novaloo, organisations save water, money, energy and improve hygiene in their washrooms. Novaloo not only install and supply the Propelair toilet system, but also offer a wide range of sustainable funding options, product packages and comprehensive support plans. 

Novaloo also provide cost-saving projections through a water audit, which gives clients an accurate overview of their current water usage, daily flush volumes and number of flushes as well as a calculation of the cost of operating their current toilets. This water audit shows clients just how much water, money and energy they will save by switching to Propelair.

Prior to install, Novaloo also conduct a drain survey, to ensure the client’s drainage and sewerage system is in full working condition.

“We waste clean, treated, filtered drinking water with every flush. Toilets that use far less water can make a massive difference to this problem,” says director Nigel Codman.

Find out more about Novaloo here. To find out more about our other partners, click here.

Propelair's distribution partner

Novaloo offers various funding options for the Propelair toilet

Contact Novaloo directly via or call 01904 891213