Propelair – Helping to fuel savings with global service station provider

We are delighted to announce that later this month, Propelair toilets are being installed into a major global service station provider with a network of over 1,000 sites and around five million customers every week. They are the number one provider of premium fuels in the UK by market share, and a leading convenience retailer through forecourt shops.

Propelair are no strangers to the Service Station and Roadside Convenience market, with almost 1000 of our toilets already installed at service stations across the UK. These locations experience heavy footfall, where water consumption is vast and hygiene is paramount.

In addition to saving up to 84% water with every flush, our customer will save significant costs in waste disposal and energy consumption, as the site being reviewed initially features a cesspit, that requires regular and costly emptying through the collection and removal of waste by road.

With less water being used to effectively remove waste from the Propelair toilet, the cesspit will require less frequent emptying, providing additional financial savings but also a major reduction in carbon emissions, helping to achieve their goal of becoming a net – zero emissions energy business by 2050 or sooner.

The Propelair toilets will be used by staff and customers alike, so durability, ease of maintenance, and an excellent user experience are crucial.
Our toilets are designed to be tough, easy to clean and also feature a ‘close to flush’ lid, forming a seal on aerosolised germs helping to significantly reduce the spread of COVID- 19.