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“The world is acknowledging that climate change is real and that it’s having an impact on our lives today, and will have an impact on the lives of future generations to come if we don’t do something about it now.”

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Propelair has been specifically designed for a commercial environment. It is ideal for washrooms in factories and production facilities:

Propelair reduces germs and operational costs, provides significant water and energy savings and supports environmental policies.

Propelair’s sleek and durable design also makes it easier to deep clean and reduce breakages. Propelair can provide payback in under a year, too and leads to significant financial savings from lower water & sewage bills and maintenance costs.

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The pandemic has highlighted just how vital factories are, and how heavily we depend on them to continue production, regardless of global circumstances.

Food shortages were perhaps the biggest concern in the last year, alongside supplies of PPE, medicine and even toilet paper – many of these were items we take for granted until the availability is compromised.

The lockdown has also moved consumer buying habits to shopping online, making order processing and distribution centres an integral part in the retail chain which is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Any delay in production or distribution can be felt throughout the entire supply chain and can spell catastrophe for businesses and consumers alike, which is why providing a safe, hygienic and efficient environment for staff to work in is paramount to a seamless and uninterrupted process.

Factories made the headlines as being ‘Covid Hotspots’, due to the close proximity and volume of workers, low light levels, lack of fresh air and low temperatures. These make a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria (not unlike the conditions found in many commercial toilet environments), posing a risk to health and operations.

Some industry sectors have seen a huge boom in demand recently, meaning they have had to make rapid changes to their infrastructure and facilities to accommodate staff and processes.

Now, planning for the uncertain future ahead dictates hygiene, reliability and cost efficiency, not to mention the increased pressure on sustainability goals.

Improved design:

In addition to the significant water savings, the Propelair toilet provides many benefits to the office environment, including improved hygiene and a more robust design which is able to withstand the demands of a high footfall area. It also reduces queuing times.

Using resources efficiently:

At Propelair we have designed an ultra-low flush toilet that reduces the flush to just 1.5 litres, that’s up to an 84% water saving when compared to a traditional 9 litre toilet. Using less water ultimately reduces your carbon footprint, with less energy being used to process the incoming water and less energy is used processing the wastewater going out. The reduction in water provides a significant financial saving which is also a huge benefit to offices.

Better performance:

The lid on the Propelair toilet incorporates a seal and a handle to allow for a high-performance flush. The seal prevents aerosol spray which you normally get from a toilet and therefore improves the hygiene of the toilet. The handle on the lid is also treated with SteriTouch, an antimicrobial treatment killing 99.9% of germs and providing the user with increased hygiene protection. In fact, our independent research states that we have the most hygienic toilet on the market.

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