Propelair partners with Burgess Plumbing in South Africa

Propelair partner with Burgess Plumbing

Propelair are thrilled to announce that they have partnered with Burgess Plumbing to introduce the Propelair toilet into South Africa.

Not only is this an exciting time, but it is also a crucial time to help commercial businesses use their resources efficiently – meaning saving water, money, reducing their carbon footprint and improving hygiene, as well as the full washroom experience for staff or customers.

In 2018 South Africa welcomed over 16 million visitors due its beauty and diversity*. However, according to a report by Statistics South Africa in March 2019, they found that there was a 3% decline in the number of visits in the first financial quarter of this year. Many say that one of the main reasons for this is because of the issues that industries are facing, such as the recent drought in the Western Cape.

Water scarcity in South Africa has been at the fore-front of most conversations within their community and government, due to the terrifying fact that if they do not find a way to use water efficiently then the country will face a deficit of around 3000 billion litres of water per year by 2030*.

Currently this is being monitored by certain towns having several water restrictions set until the water levels are at a sufficient level again. Through doing so, many have seen an improvement when looking at water supplies; For example, Cape Town’s dam levels reached 32.3% in 2017, 59.6% in 2018 and are currently at 81.7%*.

Here you can see through setting water limits it has made a difference, but what about the larger organisations or buildings which use far much more water every day – what are they doing to contribute?

In July The Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation, Mr David Mahlobo stated, ‘South Africa could meet the goal of water security if proper decisions were taken at the right time. Water crises may arise if the right investments, innovations and management decisions are not made at the right time. “This could see jobs and livelihoods being affected, taps running dry and diseases spreading unnecessarily*.”

Propelair is currently installed into banks, service stations, shopping centres, fast food restaurants and much more in the UK savings millions of litres every month, so you can only imagine the impact this would have when replacing current toilets in the South African market.

Not only will the Propelair toilet help make huge savings on water (by 84% per flush), but also allows businesses to utilise their budgets fully, as well as save money annually on their total water and sewage bills by up to 60%, which could be contributed to other important priorities or company needs.

You can expect to work towards reaching your net zero and company sustainability goals as using Propelair reduces your carbon footprint by up to 80%.There is also the additional satisfaction of knowing that due to Propelair’s unique sealed lid, airborne germs are reduced by up 95% and germs reduced due to their antimicrobial handle.

Many large organisations in South Africa are already reaping the benefits from Propelair, such as ABSA bank, who are currently making savings of up to 42,000 litres of water per month!

Are you based in South Africa and would benefit from Propelair savings by installing the toilet into your building?

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By introducing innovative solutions such as the Propelair toilet to your projects and future planning you will be one step ahead and leading the way to a sustainable future which will truly benefit your investments and work towards the important worldwide task of saving the planet.

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*Department of Water and Sanitation, Republic of South Africa media statement