Can you install the Propelair toilet on ships?

Yes, you can indeed use Propelair on ships. In fact, Propelair is ideal for ships!

It is not just on land that Propelair can be useful and help save water. Propelair can save water on water, too: Installing Propelair on sea vessels means that you can avoid large pipe runs.

Because Propelair uses just 1.5 litres of water, it of course reduces water usage. On sea vessels, this specifically translates into saving money:

Using less water to flush means saving on water to carry on board. This reduces the weight of the ship and that means less fuel – which in turn means less financial expenditure. This way, Propelair offers boat owners a reduction in operating costs.

One such boat owner and Propelair client is Wights Shipyard from the Isle of Wight.

In 2018, the shipbuilding company ordered three Propelair units to lower its water usage on board and save money on maintenance and operational costs.
Almost three years later, they are still happy with their Propelair units.

Not only has Propelair saved them thousands of litres of water and reduced their running costs; the Propelair units also remove about 20% more airborne germs than standard toilets, making the washroom safer from infection risk.

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Duygu (Dee) Tavan