Propelair partners with Amalooloo in South Africa

Together, the two companies will make washrooms more hygienic

Having launched in South Africa in 2019, Propelair has now entered into a distribution agreement with Amalooloo, a South African provider of high-quality, sustainable sanitation solutions, which will supply Propelair toilets throughout the country.

Pretoria-based Amalooloo’s core business focuses on bringing innovation and improved sanitation to rural households and schools in South Africa and the rest of the continent. Amalooloo also has commercial contracts with big organisations in cities. It wants to bring the Propelair system to both rural areas and commercial premises.

David Hollander, CEO of Propelair, said: “South Africa is moving gradually back to normality and through our partnership with Amalooloo, we’re helping organisations build a sustainable, hygienic future for their customers, employees and others, while saving money and conserving precious water.”

Lumar Fourie, Director, Amalooloo, said: “As a company committed to improving the quality of life in South Africa and in communities around the world – we’re delighted to team up with Propelair to deliver their excellent technology.”

Watch our joint video below.