Propelair enters Jordanian market

Propelair has signed a partnership agreement with
Integrated Solutions and Technologies from Jordan

Propelair is excited to announce that we have partnered up with a business in Jordan to bring our water-saving toilet system to the Jordanian market. Our new partner is called Integrated Solutions & Technologies (‘IST’). Jordan has one of the freest economies in the Middle East, with quality infrastructure, a developed banking sector and high levels of competitiveness. Yet being among the most water-scarce countries in the world has limited its modernisation.

IST will work with Propelair to grow our brand and address demand among businesses, hotels, shopping centres and other high water-use organisations including universities.

“Water is a major business cost in Jordan” 

Amman-based IST will manage sourcing and distribution through its warehouse network while ensuring intellectual property rights are protected. Last year Propelair extended its international network to the UAE and the Gulf through partnerships with regional distributors.

“When I first looked at Propelair and realised how it could save both businesses and communities, I was very impressed,” said Alaa Faqeeh, founder and managing director of IST.

A chemical engineer with a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Ottawa, Alaa is experienced in Middle East business and well connected with decision makers in the public and private sectors of Jordan.

The savings potential is “almost incredible”

He said: “Water is a major business cost in Jordan and will only increase as the Jordanian economy advances. Anyone managing a commercial building will be very interested in a product that saves four or five litres of water per flush. When you calculate the potential savings every day in premises containing washrooms, the results are almost incredible. This technology will certainly bring benefits to Jordan and I believe it will be taken many other countries affected by water scarcity.”

Designed for commercial use, the Propelair toilet is quick to refill, reducing queuing times, improving customer experience and decreasing time away from sales opportunities.

David Hollander, CEO of Propelair, said: “The adoption of Propelair technology will help advance Jordan’s water conservation policy, potentially saving millions of cubic metres. Water is a precious commodity in Jordan and its scarcity a major challenge.”