Propelair teams up with SaveMoneyCutCarbon
for better customer service

Propelair is expanding its customer base and boosting its services by teaming with, the company that makes it easier for people and companies to save money – and the planet.

The partnership means the national installation and maintenance provider will be solely responsible for all Propelair installations, call-outs and maintenance work in the UK. Outside the UK, those services continue to be carried out by local Propelair partners, including in the Middle East and South Africa.

In the UK,  will respond to any warranty or non-warranty call-outs and maintenance queries. Its e-commerce platforms will provide a new Propelair online spares shop for next-day spares requests. Meanwhile, Propelair continues to deal with inquiries for upgrades and further installations. Customers can either purchase directly from the website as required or, if preferred, apply for a credit account.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Propelair toilets use on average 84% less water than standard models, combining just 1.5 litres of water with a high-speed jet of air to leave the pan super-clean in one flush. The closed lid improves hygiene by reducing airborne germs such as COVID-19 by up to 95%.

Propelair’s patented technology brings big savings in water, energy and cost to out-of-home venues, where toilets can be flushed hundreds of times daily. This reduces water and sewage bills to such an extent that the toilet pays for itself in under three years in most cases. Payback in busier sites can be achieved within months.

A growing list of some 200 commercial and public-sector customers are saving nearly 1 billion litres a year – enough to fill about 350 Olympic pools, while benefiting from enhanced green credentials.

David Hollander, CEO of Propelair, said: “We’re very pleased to embark on this partnership. Our technology saves water immediately – gains that continue to accumulate by the day, year on year. With the technical innovations we’re working on, those savings will be even greater.”

Mark Sait, CEO,, said: “Like Propelair, we’re in the business of saving money and saving the planet, and saving water is a key and often over looked element, so we’re delighted to bring Propelair’s technology to our customers, such as hotels and motorway service stations – they want to save millions of pounds while reducing their carbon footprint.”