Propelair’s lid latch eliminates over 99% of bacteria

Did you know that Propelair deploys a secret agent?

While we are all about using water resources efficiently and reducing the unnecessary usage of water in toilets, we also care very much about hygiene. For that, we use the power and force of Steritouch to eliminate baddies – the likes of e-coli and other bacteria that may end up on your hands and in your lungs when on the toilet.

Steritouch is a Welsh company that develops a bacteria-fighting agent that can be mixed into plastic materials during the manufacturing process.

Bacteria simply cannot survive on the Propelair latch

The Steritouch additive makes the surface of the final product antimicrobial – it is then impossible for bacteria to survive and spread on the product. 99.9999% of bacteria that touches this surface is then eliminated within 24 hours.

Our latch on the lid has this special Steritouch agent, providing you with a hygienic and safe surface to touch to close the lid.

Always close the lid – even if it is not a Propelair toilet

Closing the lid is important with any toilet: if you don’t do that when flushing, you will cause a cloud of invisible-to-the-eye bacteria to be sprayed into the air – including ‘poo particles’ and even Covid aerosols, which can linger in the air and get inhaled by yourself and other uses.

Closing the Propelair lid is hygienic and eco-friendly

With Propelair, it is also important to close the lid for another reason: closing it ensures that our toilet flush functions efficiently, removing all waste in a single flush without wasting precious water resources. With just 1.5 litres of water, we can blow 99.7% of waste into drains in a single flush, leaving a clean toilet for the next user.

Watch the video below to learn more about Steritouch

SteriTouch is a market leader in the antimicrobial sector, supplying ionic silver additives which inhibit the growth of bacteria. These are effective for the lifetime of the product.