Propelair is the best toilet to save water, operational costs and improve hygiene at nature reserves, glamping, camping & holiday parks

Our message to you:

“The world is acknowledging that climate change is real and that it’s having an impact on our lives today, and will have an impact on the lives of future generations to come if we don’t do something about it now.”

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Many of our clients retrofit the Propelair toilet to meet sustainability goals for water and energy reduction. Other clients specify Propelair into new developments to build more environmentally-friendly buildings.

But Propelair is also ideal for off grid sites not connected to main sewage systems, including holiday parks, glamping and camping sites. Because the Propelair toilet uses just 1.5 litres of water per flush, off grid clients need to empty cesspits far less often.
This saves water, reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your tank emptying bills.

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Improved design:

In addition to the significant water savings, the Propelair toilet provides many benefits to the office environment, including improved hygiene and a more robust design which is able to withstand the demands of a high footfall area. It also reduces queuing times.

Using resources efficiently:

At Propelair we have designed an ultra-low flush toilet that reduces the flush to just 1.5 litres, that’s up to an 84% water saving when compared to a traditional 9 litre toilet. Using less water ultimately reduces your carbon footprint, with less energy being used to process the incoming water and less energy is used processing the wastewater going out. The reduction in water provides a significant financial saving which is also a huge benefit to offices.

Better performance:

The lid on the Propelair toilet incorporates a seal and a handle to allow for a high-performance flush. The seal prevents aerosol spray which you normally get from a toilet and therefore improves the hygiene of the toilet. The handle on the lid is also treated with SteriTouch, an antimicrobial treatment killing 99.9% of germs and providing the user with increased hygiene protection. In fact, our independent research states that we have the most hygienic toilet on the market.

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