Reduce cesspit emptying costs with Propelair

Many of our clients retrofit the Propelair toilet to meet sustainability goals for water and energy reduction. Other clients specify Propelair into new developments to build more environmentally-friendly buildings.

But Propelair is also ideal for off grid sites:

Off grid sites are locations that are not connected to main sewage systems, including holiday parks, glamping and camping sites, ships and yachts, and petrol stations.

Because Propelair uses just 1.5 litres of water per flush, off grid sites can reduce cesspit emptying costs.

This way, off grid sites can significantly reduce tank emptying costs – and save water and carbon footprint, too.

Read our latest case study on how one off grid client saved water and money – and made their site more hygienic for staff and visitors.

Our client is a major oil and gas company with a network of petrol stations all over the world. They approached us because they have huge sustainability targets – but also wanted to save money on their cesspits.

The installation of Propelair toilets on site has led to a 75% reduction in water and lowered the client’s tank emptying costs so much, that they now only empty their tanks once a month.

To find out just how much you could save, contact us.

What type of companies can
reduce cesspit emptying costs with Propelair?

  • Service & petrol stations and forecourts

  • Rural businesses and estates

  • Temporary and modular buildings

  • Self-contained structures

  • Sea vessels

  • Holiday parks

Not sure if Propelair would suit your business? Get in touch and we will tell you! 

Duygu (Dee) Tavan

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