How Propelair and other cleantech companies have responded to the pandemic

Sustainability during the pandemic is possible – and vital. Find out how Propelair and other cleantech companies have adapted to the Corona Virus outbreak.

Sustainability during the pandemic – was it ever going to be possible? The answer is yes! This is what Alex Newman, innovations director at Propelair, and fellow cleantech innovators concluded at a recent roundtable.

Arranged by Cambridge Cleantech and Cambridge University’s climate change initiative Cambridge Zero, the roundtable brought together Propelair, Camnexus, Cheeky Panda and Merit to understand how the cleantech sector had reacted to the pandemic.

The attendees all agreed that climate-focused businesses have the right solutions for a post-pandemic world.

Propelair reacted to the pandemic by launching a crowdfunding campaign – to help accelerate its innovation. It also made hygiene a top priority, alongside water efficiency. “We’re already the most hygienic toilet. We want to reinforce that perception with the addition of automatic open/close lids,” Alex said.

Sustainability during the pandemic

The Propelair toilet reduces aerosols, including Corona Virus, by up to 95%

Camnexus, a water technologies company with an Internet-of-Things business model, developed a technology to detect coronavirus in water. Cheeky Panda adjusted its operations quickly when sales for its bamboo-based products increased by 400% at the height of lockdown. Meanwhile, Merit developed designs for mobile Covid-19 testing laboratories, vaccine manufacturing facilities and biocontainment suites.

The group also considered the long-term effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, and its future impact on sustainability. You can read the whole article here or listen to the recording here.

“The last few months have been extremely challenging for the global economy and whilst the cleantech sector is not immune to these trends, it is becoming increasingly clear that innovative cleantech products and services are part of the solution to the climate crisis,” said Martin Garratt, CEO of Cambridge Cleantech.

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