Thank you from our CEO

Thank you from our CEO

On the 18th June 2020, we launched our crowdfunding campaign via the Seedrs platform. This was part of a larger raise but we wanted to reserve an allocation for you, our community to own a part of our business.

With an initial target of £900,005 and a fantastic opportunity for people to be able to join our mission, we were only too aware of the difficult times everyone is facing, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and the disruption and uncertainty this has caused. However, with the tragedy and hardship experienced, the pandemic has raised the focus on hygiene and sustainability -two major factors that justify the very existence of the Propelair toilet system.

Six weeks on, I’m delighted to reflect that not only did we meet our target, but thanks to your incredible support, we’ve smashed it! Our target was met in just 5 days from the public launch. In fact, our campaign has been so successful, that we are in the top 6% of Seedrs most successful campaigns of all time, we are the third most successful B2B raise of all time and we were awarded a ‘Gold’ rating by the independent crowdfunding rating team Nextfin. They rate crowdfunding investment opportunities from leading crowdfunding platforms. Out of over 700 businesses, only 5% achieve the Gold rating!

It’s been incredible to welcome so many people to the Propelair team and it has also been a tremendous pleasure speaking directly with potential investors, who have been able to ask questions to me directly on the Seedrs platform.  This has given me invaluable insight on the perceptions of both the product and the business and highlighted the ground breaking potential we have to help save the planet… one flush at a time!

Thank you to everyone who has joined us so far. We take your commitment seriously and appreciate the trust you place in us. I’m delighted to welcome you to the business and look forward to working with you in the years ahead!

The campaign currently stands at £1,221k from 839 investors but will sadly be coming to an end on Thursday 30th of July, so this really is your last chance to get involved.

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