What’s the difference between
droplets and aerosols?

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus, you will have no doubt wondered
what the exact difference between aerosols and droplets is.

Read this quick explanation and let us know if you have any other questions.

What are aerosols?

Aerosols are much smaller than droplets – so small in fact, that gravity doesn’t really affect them. They linger in the air. This is how Covid19 can spread so easily. And there is “much more aerosol than we thought”, according to Dr Fauci, the infectious disease expert.

What are droplets?

Droplets are tiny pieces of liquid – what you cough, sneeze or breathe out. And they fall to the ground quite quickly, land on surfaces and get transmitted this way (although the degree at which such transmissions occur is unclear apparently).

This is also why we at #Propelair keep going on about hygiene. Propelair isn’t just a bog standard toilet. It can really help prevent your staff and customers from getting infected with the Corona Virus.

Watch the video below to see how Propelair can make your washrooms much safer than other toilets.

In this video, we filmed a standard toilet flushing with the lid up.

We recorded it in slow motion to show you how toilet germs spray into the air when flushing with the lid up.

Toilet sneeze effect sprays droplets and aerosols into the air

This so-called sneeze-effect spays bacteria, viruses and moisture into the air. And this may well include Covid-19 aerosols.

None of these germs are visible to the eye.

But as explained above, aerosols especially do not fall onto the floor. Instead, they linger in the air and will be inhaled when you enter a toilet cubicle.

As our video shows, flushing with the toilet lid up can spray germs up to one metre into the air. This contaminates not just the air but also surfaces that you touch: including the door handle and walls of the cubicle.

So how does Propelair solve this issue?

The Propelair toilet is designed so that it can only function when the lid is closed. It ensures that no air can escape from the toilet pan when flushing. This way, the Propelair toilet eliminates up to 95% of aerosolised germs – a higher percentage than what other toilets achieve with the lid closed.

The flush itself is so strong that it removes 99.9% of germs inside the toilet pan.

Don’t want to touch the lid though?

Don’t worry. Propelair’s toilet lid has a latch that sits away from the lid. It has anti-microbial additives as an extra layer of security.

Propelair’s low-flush toilet is one of the most hygienic toilet systems available. And it works on existing drains.

Get in touch with us to learn how Propelair can make your washrooms safer.