Water pollution in the UK is a problem

For us, it’s World Water Day everyday. We do not see ourselves as a toilet manufacturer but rather, as a company that provides others with a pragmatic solution to use water more efficiently.

Although we are growing internationally with clients in South Africa, Jordan, Dubai, Qatar and many other countries, we wanted to also use today’s World Water Day to reflect on the water problems the UK is facing. Countries in Africa and the Gulf are widely known to be arid. In the UK, we often forget that water resources are also becoming more and more scarce. So we want to use today as an opportunity to highlight the need to better manage freshwater resources and to draw attention to a growing problem: water pollution.

Water pollution has many causes and contributors – water and sewage effluent, agricultural and industrial pollution, exacerbated by rising population, improved living standards resulting in greater water use, even changes in the natural hydrological regimes of rivers and lakes due to volumes of water abstracted for hydropower and cooling.

According to Waterwise, the water and sewage industry accounted for almost a quarter of the serious water incidents in England and Wales back in 2006.

This problem will not go away if we do not start using water-efficient solutions. It’s a complex problem. We do believe that by reducing water use in buildings through environmental innovations such as Propelair will reduce the volume of sewage that water companies must treat or release, ultimately lessening discharges into rivers and coastal waters.