Water Saving Week 2023

From saving money to saving nature

Water Saving Week – 15th-19th May

This year, the five key focus areas of #WaterSavingWeek will address concerns and provide guidance on topics such as the cost of living crisis, role of hot water in energy bills and carbon footprint, issues around water stress and resources, our own habits and ensuring a water-safe future for generations to come.

What is WSW

Water Saving Week (WSW) is an annual event hosted by Waterwise that aims to promote awareness of water-related concerns. The week-long campaign sets out to address the need to reduce water waste, better help manage climate change and ensure communities are able to thrive in future generations.

It’s not simply about water boards coming together to devise long-term mainstream policies… Water Saving Week aims to inspire us to think more about how we use water, the value of it and how we can use less of it by sharing ideas and adopting more water-friendly solutions.

2023 themes include (in the weeks running order):

  • Water and Money

  • Water and the Environment

  • Water and Everyday Life

  • Embedded Water

  • Water and Hygiene

Water & Money

Using less water saves money on bills – both in energy costs and water consumption. In a typical household, 17% of the energy bill and 12% of a typical gas-heated household’s energy bill is generated by heating water for showers, baths and general washing. Did you know by ending your shower just one minute earlier, you can save 2,500 litres of water per year?

It’s not only in a domestic market that there are huge savings to be made. In commercial buildings around 90% of water consumption comes from the washrooms, with toilets accounting for 48% of this total figure! By switching to Propelair organisations can save up to 84% of water usage, equating to thousands of pounds in financial savings. 

Water and the Environment

Climate change is effecting organisations and individuals all around the globe. Less predictable weather and longer dry spells have a direct impact on water supplies, meaning water isn’t always available for everyone that needs it.

We believe organisations should be doing all they can to better manage their resource consumption as quickly as possible. Billions of people are currently living with inadequate toilet facilities, unsafe drinking water or a lack of drinkable water. Reducing our water consumption can help ensure that we limit our impact on the climate and ensure more water is available for all. 

Water and Everyday Life

With demand for natural resources quickly surpassing supply, we need to be doing more to ensure future generations are able to thrive. Water is the most precious of our natural resources and is essential to daily lives. 

The average person in the UK uses 145 litres of water per day, which is 70% more than in 1985. Increased demand has lead to a lack of availability, and in some parts of the world immediate water restrictions have been implemented. In Cape Town South Africa, there is a danger of reaching #DayZero (the moment when the taps in the city will run dry) just next year! 

The World Economic Forum lists ‘Natural resource crises’ as one of the top 10 global risks. Investing in the right solutions now means we have a better chance of managing our resources effectively. 

Embedded Water

Water not only ensures food security, but also basic comforts such as the clothing on our backs. 

Food: What we eat impacts water demand. Crops and livestock need water to grow. Agriculture requires large quantities of good quality water for irrigation and various production processes, so the more water diverted from bathroom use to food production, the better. 

Clothing: In Britain alone, more than two tonnes of clothing are purchased every minute. With the production of just one cotton t-shirt and a pair of jeans requiring 20,000 litres of water, fast fashion means vast quantities of precious water resources are being consumed incredible quickly.

Reducing water consumption where possible can really pay dividends – by making small lifestyle changes, we can all reduce our water footprint and address some of the global water inequality issues that our lifestyles contribute to. 

Water and Hygiene

Water and health go hand in hand – at Propelair we go beyond conservation to embrace health and hygiene more effectively.

Propelair’s air-powered flush is so efficient not only are there huge water savings to be had, but all waste is removed in a single flush – removing up to 99.9% of germs and contaminants from inside the pan.

Propelair technology also prevents germs from being sprayed in the air, eliminating up to 95% of airborne particles in comparison to standard toilets. Fewer germs floating around cubicles mean better health for all!

The right solutions

At Propelair, we want to ensure water is available to all that need it. Billions of people are currently living with inadequate toilet facilities and unsafe drinking water. By managing vital resources efficiently, we can make sure more water is available for those who need it.

Schools, business, healthcare providers, shopping centres and other key sectors can all help make a positive contribution by doing what they can and adopting more environmentally friendly technology. Not only is water saved, but better hygiene and a reduction in finical outgoings is achieved. We at Propelair believe that sustainability and profitability can belong together!

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Save water

Save money

Cut carbon

Improve hygiene

Improved Design

Save Water

Toilet flushing can account for up to 48% of water consumption in commercial buildings. Changing your toilets to a more efficient technology can really pay dividends when seeking to save water and energy.

Uses up to 84% less water

Propelair uses only 1.5 litres of water per flush, a fraction compared to the UK average of 9 litres. Average flush volumes can be significantly higher than their cistern capacity due to double flushing, leakages and filling while still flushing.

Save Money

Water is becoming an ever more valuable and costly resource. Propelair is a quick, simple and economic solution to reducing water costs instantly.

Reduce outgoing costs

Propelair reduces water and sewage bills by up to 60%.

Achieves quick payback

This can be achieved in less than one year.

Receive 100% tax relief on your first-year investment

ECA eligible – claim 19% back of investment

Reduce Carbon

Propelair’s significant water savings help organisations to reduce their environmental impact by becoming more efficient and using less resources.

Uses up to 80% less energy

Boosts resource efficiency and building performance.

Creates on average over 80% less carbon

Less energy for water and waste processing, meaning the toilet’s carbon footprint is reduced on average by over 80%.

*statistics based on a 9 litre average flush

Improve Hygiene

Propelair is one of the most hygienic systems available, creating a cleaner toilet environment for customers, clients, patients and staff, while having a positive impact on health, well-being and productivity.

Eradicated aerosol germs

Propelair reduces aerosolised germs by up to 95%. The germs are trapped inside Propelair’s unique closable lid, and then efficiently removed with its powerful air flush, creating a more hygienic and healthier washroom environment for users.

Reduces odours

Thanks to Propelair’s unique closable lid, odours are dramatically reduced.

Protected by SteriTouch®

Antimicrobial additives in the handle help reduce germs.

Removes contaminants

Conventional toilets can leave 6% of previous users’ contaminants behind after flushing, which can become airborne during frequent flushes. Propelair removes up to 99.9% of contaminants, ensuring less risk of cross-contamination.

Avoid the “sneeze effect”

Flushing a conventional toilet creates a “sneeze effect,” spraying bacteria, viruses and moisture into the air. These airborne aerosols can travel up to 1 metre away from the toilet itself contaminating the surrounding washroom surfaces.

Harmful bacteria can survive up to 24 hours on washroom surfaces making it a perfect breeding ground for viruses and germs to spread. With Propelair, this unhygienic “sneeze effect” is avoided.

Improved Design

Propelair’s design is a significant step change compared to conventional toilets, with better performance, quicker flush and a simple maintenance process.

High performance

Combining 1.5 litres of water and displaced air technology creates a powerful, high-performance flush which easily removes all waste with one flush.

Queue time reduced

Propelair quickly refills in up to 30 seconds compared to conventional systems which can take up to 2-3 minutes. An efficient flush saves time and reduces queues, especially during periods of high usage.

Maintenance made easy

Propelair’s rimless pan and side hinges make previously hard-to-clean areas easily accessible, ensuring a thorough cleaning process can be carried out.

Durable design

Propelair is designed to be strong and durable, making it well suited for heavy use / challenging environments.

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