Improve Hygiene

Reduce aerosolised germs.

Propelair features a hygienic handle and unique closable lid which reduces germs by up to 95%.

Save Money

Reduce water and sewage bills.

Reduce water and sewage bills by up to 60%.
Claim 100% tax relief on your first-year investment.

Hit Net Zero

Cut your carbon emissions.

Reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80% and exceed your sustainable targets with Propelair.

Save Water

Save up to 84% less water per flush.

Propelair uses only 1.5 litres of water per flush,
compared to a conventional 9 litre toilet.

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What our customers say…

“The Propelair toilets are very good, customers have found them easy to use and we value the water savings they provide.”


“The toilets work really well and offer savings not just on water but on maintenance costs and call-outs too.”

Princess Alexandra Hospital - NHS Trust

“The environmental benefits of this this type of water-saving technology are incredibly important.”

Peacock Theatre
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Save Water

Save Money

Reduce Carbon

Improve Hygiene

Improved Design