Go ahead, touch the Propelair toilet latch! It’s antimicrobial

With hygiene always being top of mind, we dare you to explore the facts and then touch the Propelair toilet latch!

Whilst closing the lid makes the world of difference by eliminating the sneeze effect that reduces up to 95% of germs being sprayed into the air, we have not left a single stone unturned when it comes to hygiene! The use of Polygiene BioMaster antimicrobial additives in our opening latch provides durable product protection from bacterial growth, on a continuous basis.

Continued protection from Polygiene

By incorporating effective antimicrobial product protection at the point of manufacturing the Propelair latch, means that the additive is dispersed throughout the entire latch, becoming an integral part of its structure. This means that the silver ions remains within the latch for its’ useful lifetime, providing continuous antibacterial protection and giving every Propelair latch the benefit of being more hygienic.

How does it work?

The Polygiene BioMaster additive used in the Propelair toilet proactively inhibits and disrupts the growth of bacteria and microbes on treated surfaces at the molecular level through three modes of action. Firstly, the silver ion technology binds with the bacterial cell wall to disrupt its growth. The ions then interfere with enzyme production within the bacteria, stopping each cell from producing energy and therefore prevents further growth. Finally, it interrupts the bacteria cell’s DNA, preventing replication. This means that the bacteria on a Propelair toilet latch cannot grow or reproduce!

Triple hygiene protection for the Propelair toilet

Propelair is not only one of the world’s lowest flush toilets but also one of the most hygienic ones, especially designed for high traffic areas where hygiene should take preference! We address hygiene of three levels: The latch, the close-to-flush technology and by creating a powerful, single flush.

Through this approach, we reduce the opportunity for microbes to grow once the latch has been touched, ensure that we eliminate the sneeze effect and keep 95% of germs locked into the toilet bowl by closing the lid before the flush, and finally by creating a seal that results in a single, 1.5 second power flush that fully removes 99% of contaminants.

The antimicrobial latch

Through the integration of antimicrobial additives into the latch at the point of manufacture, the additive is distributed across the entirety of the latch, thereby becoming an inherent component of its structure.

This results in the presence of silver ions within the latch throughout its functional lifespan, ensuring a persistent shield against bacteria.

Eliminating the ‘sneeze effect’

Closing the lid makes the world of difference! Propelair’s patented toilet technology suppresses airborne germs and curb washroom infection risk. The germs are trapped inside Propelair’s unique closable lid, and then efficiently removed with its powerful air flush. Flushing a conventional toilet creates a “sneeze effect,” spraying bacteria, viruses and moisture into the air. Scientific research in Physics of Fluids found that standard toilets produce a “massive upward transport of virus particles, with 40%–60% of particles reaching above the toilet seat, leading to large-scale virus spread” when flushed. These airborne aerosols can travel up to 2 metres away from the toilet itself, contaminating the surrounding washroom surfaces and getting drawn into ventilation systems to travel throughout the building. Harmful bacteria can survive up to 24 hours on washroom surfaces making it a perfect breeding ground for viruses and germs to spread.

Blocking the path of faecal–oral transmission, which occurs commonly in toilet usage, is of fundamental importance in suppressing the spread of viruses and bacteria. A study by the Centre for Research into Environment and Health (CREH) found Propelair reduced aerosolised bacteria by 95%.

Power of the flush

Conventional toilets leave up to 6% of a previous users’ contaminants behind after flushing, which can become airborne during frequent flushes. Propelair removes up to 99.9% of contaminants, reducing the risk of cross-contamination whilst also dramatically reducing odours.

Good hygiene is one of the best ways to protect oneself from illnesses.  In conjunction with regular cleaning protocols, Polygiene BioMaster and Propelair aims to improve the hygienic washroom experience for every user across the globe!

Sustainable solutions

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