Propelair are crowdfunding!

Propelair is Crowdfunding!

Visit for more information and join our mission to save the planet and customers money…one flush at a time!

In 2017 we raised our Series A and have since seen significant growth, developed our offering and launched in South Africa. Now we’re working on a range of exciting new innovations and are looking to launch into several new geographies.

This forms part of a larger raise but this time we wanted to reserve an allocation for you, our community, to invest so that you can own a part of our business.

Toilets have not changed in over 200 years with most commercial toilets using between 6-9 liters of water per flush. Propelair’s innovative solution uses 120 litres of air to propel just 1.5 litres of water per flush, into existing drains, enabling massive water savings without compromising on performance. Also because of Propelair’s sealed lid aerosolised germs are reduced by 95% compared to a conventional toilet. An especially relevant feature now!

Approved by Seedrs – Capital at risk