Propelair and Lecico Bathrooms

A new home in Europe’s largest tech cluster

Propelair is a proud partner to Lecico Bathrooms whose continuous development in building sustainable bathroom solutions has led them to establish the new Propelair-Lecico office and showroom, situated at Sustainable Ventures’ London HQ within the iconic County Hall. The space is home to Europe’s largest climate tech cluster!

The power of partnership

It is said that coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress but working together is success. This has been both the start and the continuation of the strategic partnership between Propelair and Lecico Bathrooms.

By leading the way in creating sustainable bathroom solutions, widespread success is not only anticipated but continuously pursued with vigour. Together, the two organisations are taking a stand to positively impact the commercial and public washroom landscape and make a significant difference in the way that water is utilised within this space.

Part of the sustainable ecosystem

Our joint office and showroom, based in the heart of London, right next to the London Eye and overlooking the Houses of Parliament, not only supports our partnership in a practical manner but also makes us part of the Sustainable Ventures ecosystem of like-minded Companies who connect and collaborate to bring about positive and lasting environmental change.

Situated in Sustainable Ventures’ County Hall HQ, home to Europe’s largest cleantech hub, we are now positioned to enable more companies and people to participate in the  great cause of improving the sustainability of our built environment, whilst also saving a significant amount of water cost. We can fully capitalise on educating any visitors and developers, involved in the building, plumbing or engineering industries, on the benefits of improved hygiene and the water and cost savings that the Propelair toilet offers by showcasing the product and allowing for a user experience with one of the 18 units installed in the building.

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We are proud

“We are extremely proud to be part of Lecico’s Sustainable Bathroom journey as this principle is embedded in our way of work.”, states Propelair CEO, David Hollander. With the support of an independent sustainability organisation, our own sustainable goals assist us to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. We manage our business through the effective use of a sustainability tool that provides us with an annual measure of the impact of our own ESG efforts. This way we are able to hold ourselves accountable for sustainability as much as we drive the cause with our customers! By participating in this process, we can ensure that our efforts are measured within five categories of ESG and that our own sustainability goals can be mapped to the United Nation’s sustainability development goals.

James Byrne, partner at Sustainable Ventures, echoes this sentiment: “We are as committed to sustainability, preserving resources and fighting climate change as our occupants, so it’s important we employ the most effective technology, and that people see this.” Through their unique sales approach, Propelair and Lecico presented an in-depth business case to Sustainable Ventures to outline their exact potential water, cost and time savings, prior to installation.  It is this value-added approach that allowed Sustainable Ventures, as with many of our other prospects, to understand exactly what benefits they will enjoy before committing to installing a Propelair toilet. Since installation, they have saved 1,100 litres of water a day (84 litres per day, per toilet), plus its cost.

Lecico Bathrooms

“We are proud to be the exclusive UK sales and distribution partners to Propelair”, states Antony Thompson, Managing Director Lecico, UK, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sanitaryware. “Our sustainable bathroom solutions portfolio is greatly enhanced by the addition of the Propelair product.” 

Termed as ‘the most significant’ in Lecico’s history, the launch of their “Sustainable bathrooms” journey is a strategic fit to Propelair’s low flush toilet that enables a flush that uses only 1.5lt of water, a fraction compared to the traditional six to nine litres. It also offers a significantly lower carbon footprint, due to the reduced processing of water. With the unique close-to-flush lid that seals the unit in order to channel 60 litres of air to flush content, airborne germs are reduced by up to 95%. The toilet conveniently connects to existing plumbing systems, making it easy to retrofit to buildings like County Hall.

Sustainable solutions

We stand by what we say! Our unique business approach presents an in-depth case study that outlines your water, cost and time savings, prior to installation. Calculate your savings by visiting our Cost Saving Calculator now.

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About Propelair
Propelair is an international cleantech company that utilises technology to produce and install the worlds’ lowest water-flush toilet. Our innovation replaces 9lt of water with a 120lt of air to achieve an 84% water saving, per flush. We positively contribute and enable our global customers across the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, transport, commercial and industrial markets to change the way the world consumes water. | | +44 1268 548322 (UK) | +27 83 273 5711 (SA) | +971 56 737 4712 (GCC)