Are you walking the walk or simply ‘green talking’?

Propelair does more than just tick our customers’ ESG boxes

It’s crucial to assess whether you’re actively promoting sustainable practices and contributing positively to environmental well-being or inadvertently causing more harm than good.

What is ESG and sustainability all about?

Understanding the significance and aims of an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy should be the initial focus for any reputable organization. The ESG strategy is important for several reasons. Firstly, it effectively addresses environmental, social, and governance risks, to mitigate potential financial loss. Moreover, it fosters sustainable business practices, promoting long-term value creation through efficiency. It also plays a key role in managing and supporting a brand’s reputation by demonstrating a commitment to ESG principles, thereby building trust among stakeholders, including customers, investors and employees, fostering the attraction and retention of top talent within those spheres. As in the case of Propelair, it often leads to, and enhances, innovation, driving efficiency improvements and cost savings.

Zooming in on the “E” of ESG

An ESG strategy encompasses various aspects of business operations, but included in the Environmental category, one can expect measures including carbon emissions and climate change initiatives; energy efficiency and renewable energy usage; waste and water management and conservation; biodiversity conservation and pollution control and prevention.

Delivering strong results in two of these six categories, Propelair is perfectly positioned to not only contribute to your ESG goals but, as with some of our customers, forms the foundation of environmental goals!

The wolf in sheep’s clothing

While advocating sustainable product supply, one must thoroughly assess all the business operations rather than present a façade of sustainability while allowing general wasteful practices to persist throughout the organisation.  The exploration of water conservation measures, as an example, should extend beyond water harvesting and greywater reuse.

The installation of Propelair toilets to minimise your environmental footprint should be a great consideration rather than permitting the wastage of 9 litres of drinking water with each flush, several times a day!

Cost or water savings? Why not both?

Propelair offers a swift and cost-effective solution, instantly and permanently reducing water expenses. With a brief investment payback period, you’ll soon witness both water and cost savings. Reach out to us for a complimentary site visit where we’ll install flush counters in each of your toilets and provide you with accurate statistics after a month. This will showcase your potential water and carbon savings before committing to Propelair installations. We’re so confident in the results, that if calculated water savings aren’t achieved within the first three months of installation, we’ll credit the cost of one installed toilet.

Propelair is ‘walking the walk”

At Propelair, we don’t just advocate sustainability but are assisted by an independent sustainability organisation to monitor our own practices.  Utilising a sustainability tool, we effectively manage our operations, annually assessing the impact of our endeavours. This approach ensures accountability and fosters alignment with our customers in championing sustainability. Through engagement in this process, we ensure that our initiatives are evaluated across five ESG categories and are in harmony with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

Save water

Cut carbon

Improve hygiene

Save Water

Toilet flushing can account for up to 48% of water consumption in commercial buildings. Changing your toilets to a more efficient technology can really pay dividends when seeking to save water and energy.

Uses up to 84% less water

Propelair uses only 1.5 litres of water per flush, a fraction compared to the UK average of 9 litres. Average flush volumes can be significantly higher than their cistern capacity due to double flushing, leakages and filling while still flushing.

Reduce Carbon

Propelair’s significant water savings help organisations to reduce their environmental impact by becoming more efficient and using less resources.

Uses up to 80% less energy

Boosts resource efficiency and building performance.

Creates on average over 80% less carbon

Less energy for water and waste processing, meaning the toilet’s carbon footprint is reduced on average by over 80%.

*statistics based on a 9 litre average flush

Improve Hygiene

Propelair is one of the most hygienic systems available, creating a cleaner toilet environment for customers, clients, patients and staff, while having a positive impact on health, well-being and productivity.

Eradicated aerosol germs

Propelair reduces aerosolised germs by up to 95%. The germs are trapped inside Propelair’s unique closable lid, and then efficiently removed with its powerful air flush, creating a more hygienic and healthier washroom environment for users.

Reduces odours

Thanks to Propelair’s unique closable lid, odours are dramatically reduced.

Protected by Polygiene BioMaster™

Antimicrobial additives in the handle help reduce germs.

Removes contaminants

Conventional toilets can leave 6% of previous users’ contaminants behind after flushing, which can become airborne during frequent flushes. Propelair removes up to 99.9% of contaminants, ensuring less risk of cross-contamination.

Avoid the “sneeze effect”

Flushing a conventional toilet creates a “sneeze effect,” spraying bacteria, viruses and moisture into the air. These airborne aerosols can travel up to 1 metre away from the toilet itself contaminating the surrounding washroom surfaces.

Harmful bacteria can survive up to 24 hours on washroom surfaces making it a perfect breeding ground for viruses and germs to spread. With Propelair, this unhygienic “sneeze effect” is avoided.

It Pays to Save!

Embracing water conservation is essential to secure a sustainable and vibrant future for all! Visit our webpages now to calculate your savings and learn how to purchase a Propelair toilet.

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About Propelair
Propelair is an international cleantech company that utilises technology to produce and install the worlds’ lowest water-flush toilet. Our innovation replaces 9lt of water with a 120lt of air to achieve an 84% water saving, per flush. We positively contribute and enable our global customers across the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, transport, commercial and industrial markets to change the way the world consumes water. | | +44 1268 548322 (UK) | +27 83 273 5711 (SA) | +971 50 163 1676 (GCC)