Propelair has saved more than 1.6 billion litres of water

A ‘small’ Propelair toilet, making an astronomical impact and saving the planet, one flush at a time!

Though a simple act like flushing a toilet may not individually save the entire planet, envision the transformative power if all eight billion of us embraced such minor changes – Mother Earth could witness a utopian shift, in just one day! Guided by collective effort and benefit, the Propelair ethos of “big change with little effort,” focuses on public and commercial washrooms. These spaces account for up to 90% of public water consumption, with toilets wasting almost half of this grand total.  Through collective action, we can make a significant impact and benefit the planet.

Propelair toilets demonstrating its ‘wow factor’

Our mission is to save the planet one flush at a time. Our innovation enables a flush that only uses 1.5lt of water, a fraction compared to the traditional option that utilises an average of six to nine litres per flush. By replacing 9 litres of water with 70 litres of air to propel just 1.5 litres of water into existing drains, we help create a more sustainable future and save millions of litres of water, and its cost, per annum. The Propelair toilet also lowers carbon footprint due to the reduced processing of water and therefore exceeds several environmental planning legislations across the globe.

Quantifying the real impact

Ever wondered about the tangible impact of flushing toilets on our environment? Probably not.  Let’s move beyond abstract figures and delve into the real-world results. Propelair toilets, operational in the UK, UAE, and South Africa since 2017, have cumulatively saved a staggering 1 684 593 340 litres of clean, drinkable water – the equivalent of a whopping 673 Olympic-sized swimming pools. To put it in perspective, this volume could sustain the daily water requirements of around 12.3 million individuals for an entire year, given that the average person consumes approximately 50 litres of water per day.

Now, let’s talk carbon. Thanks to the reduced water and wastewater processing associated with Propelair toilets, installations within the same timeframe have collectively mitigated 694 065 kilograms of carbon emissions. To grasp the significance, it equates to removing 1 104 571 car’s fuel emissions for an entire year or more positively expressed as planting 115 659 trees!

A savings investment in sustainability

The decision to install Propelair toilets becomes an easy one when considering the investment, which is recovered through water cost savings within an average of 24 months. A Propelair installation does not only lead to immediate financial benefits but also ensures sustained water savings for years, post installation. The advantages of a Propelair toilet extends throughout its lifespan, providing ongoing environmental and commercial benefits. Each flush actively contributes to resource conservation.

In contrast to competing water-saving solutions, Propelair toilets eliminate the need for double flushing, avoiding counterproductive water usage and consumption exceeding its designed cistern capacity. The powerful single flush of a Propelair toilet efficiently removes 99.9% of contaminants in just 1.5 seconds, surpassing conventional toilets that may leave up to 6% of the previous user’s contaminants. This not only positions Propelair as an environmentally conscious choice but also emphasizes its commitment to hygiene.

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Triple hygiene approach

Propelair toilets follow a triple hygiene approach: Firstly, it incorporates Polygiene BioMaster additives in frequently touched areas like the latch, to prevent germ growth. It secondly minimises the spread of germs by preventing the “sneeze effect” through its close-to-flush technology, and lastly, it removes 99% of contaminants through a powerful single flush that  lasts only 1.5 seconds, surpassing the conventional toilet standard which can leave up to 6% of previous users’ contaminants.

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Small changes make a significant difference

In a world where collective action is essential to address environmental challenges, Propelair stands as a testament to how small changes, when multiplied on a global scale, can indeed make a significant and lasting difference. As we continue to strive for a more sustainable future, Propelair’s ‘small’ toilet proves that even the simplest actions can contribute to a greener, cleaner planet.

Propelair’s commitment to saving the planet one flush at a time has proven to be more than just a slogan—it’s a tangible reality. The innovation behind Propelair toilets, with their minimal water usage and significant environmental impact, has set a new standard in sustainability for washroom facilities, globally.

About Propelair
Propelair is an international cleantech company that utilises technology to produce and install the worlds’ lowest water-flush toilet. Our innovation replaces 9lt of water with a 60lt of air to achieve an 84% water saving, per flush. We positively contribute and enable our global customers across the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, transport, commercial and industrial markets to change the way the world consumes water. | | +44 1268 548322 (UK) | +27 83 273 5711 (SA) | +971 50 163 1676 (GCC)