Reaching Water Neutrality with Propelair

What is water neutrality?

Water neutrality is a concept aimed at balancing the amount of water a company, household or individual uses with the amount that it gives back or restores to the environment. It involves ensuring that water consumption and water conservation efforts are in harmony, so that the net impact on the local water ecosystem is zero or positive. This can be achieved through water-saving practices such as supporting water restoration projects, water recycling, restoring wetlands or installing technologies such Propelair’s ultra-low flush toilet.

Understanding the facts to move us into action

Water stress and scarcity is truly a global issue, one that is already affecting millions of people all over the world. Every continent is impacted in some way by this crisis, even those with regular rainfall and seemingly sufficient resource.

Over the last 100 years, water usage and consumption has been growing globally at over twice the rate of population increase. Water availability is affected by several factors, including population growth, increased urbanisation, climate change, extreme weather events, water mismanagement and ageing infrastructure such as the poor sanitary infrastructure that puts further strain on the sanitary system as a whole and risking the discharge of untreated wastewater into waterways, posing severe, and often fatal, consequences to human and environmental health; and ultimately compromising water neutrality initiatives.

Let’s get practical:
How can you help with reaching water neutrality?

Addressing the situation effectively demands collaborative efforts involving governments, non-government organizations, businesses, non-profits, and individuals. Everyone must work together to reduce their water footprints, both currently and in the long term.

Turning the focus to practical solutions, the first step for businesses to achieve water neutrality is reviewing the direct water consumption (water used for business operation) and indirect water consumption (water used across the supply chain).  Knowing how much water the business uses and where it is allocated, allows for water reductions or finding more sustainable alternatives that can be formalised within an agreed ESG strategy. With the focus on bigger goals, an organisation can then develop manageable tasks to contribute to the larger goals.

For example, knowing that public and commercial washrooms accounts for up to 90% of water consumption in public areas, with toilets wasting almost half of this grand total, an alternative such as the Propelair ultra-low flush toilet that uses only 1.5lt and 60litres of air per flush, is a practical and quick solution that delivers significant and immediate water and cost savings to companies and councils that manages public facilities; and should be prioritised as a quick impact water-savings solution.

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Working towards a sustainable future

Propelair toilets installed across the UK, UAE and South Africa until the end of 2022 has collectively saved a whopping 781 668 900 litres of clean, drinking water – that is the equivalent of 312 Olympic sized swimming pools! With the investment being offset by the savings in water cost, within an average of 24 months, the installation decision is an easy one to make, resulting in water and financial savings for years after the installation. Propelair toilets enable precise monthly tracking of water savings, a feature embraced by prominent brands as an integral part of their ESG strategy.

Anticipating that large corporations will soon be required to account for their water footprint, Propelair provides comprehensive business case studies to potential clients, outlining potential water, cost, and time savings before installation. We are so confident in Propelair’s performance that we offer to refund the cost of one installed toilet if calculated water savings are not achieved within the first three months of installation.

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How does Propelair save so much water?

By replacing water with air, Propelair toilets reduces water usage from the average of 6 to 9 litres per flush to only 1.5 litres, achieving a remarkable 84% water saving!  We believe this to be the world’s lowest water-flush toilet.

1. Propelair® has a two-section cistern; one for air and one for water
2. Before Flushing, the lid is closed to form a seal
3. When the flush sensor is activated water enters the pan to wash it, followed by air from the unique patented pump. The air cannot escape due to the sealed lid. This pushes out the entire contents of the pan to give a powerful, reliable flush.
4. The remaining water fills the water trap.
5. The flush is completed in 3 seconds with the toilet ready to be re-flushed in 20-30 seconds. (subject to water supply pressure)

What if we don’t engage in water savings?

Whilst the problem may seem ‘far off’, the reality is that companies need to become water neutral by as early as 2030 to avoid severe consequences and allow us to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  But being wasteful now does not only have future implications.  In some countries, the development of new housing and businesses, contributing to economic growth, has been denied in the interest of water preservation and reaching water neutrality.

While some individuals might initially appreciate the absence of immediate new developments, over the medium to long term, it could lead to substantial future challenges in providing local housing and fostering business growth, ultimately impacting the local economy’s vitality. It is therefore very important that we find a solution to water problems and vigorously work toward water neutrality.

Sustainable solutions

The concept of water neutrality is a pressing global concern, demanding collective action to address the impending water crisis. Practical solutions are essential, and Propelair’s low flush toilets have proven to be a rapid, impactful solution, saving substantial water and costs.

Embracing water conservation and working toward water neutrality is essential to secure a sustainable and vibrant future for all. Save money, save water!

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