World Toilet Day is real, and Propelair is raising awareness!

Access to sanitation is a fundamental human right

While celebrating “World Toilet Day” may sound unusual and leave some red-faced, it serves as a poignant reminder of the global sanitation crisis impacting 3.6 billion people. Propelair is committed to raising awareness about this critical issue, emphasising the importance of access to proper sanitation.

The ‘his and hers’ history

Despite advancements in infrastructure, toilets have remained largely unchanged since Victorian times, consuming excessive amounts of water with each flush. This drove Propelair to not only pursue a journey of developing the worlds’ lowest flush toilet but to also design a toilet that operates significantly different to the norm.

The history of the traditional toilet is far from dull. Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Crapper did not invent the toilet. It was actually Sir John Harrington, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth I’s godson, that created the first flush toilet for the Queen who refused to use it on the account of it being too noisy! During the 1800s, people realised that poor sanitary conditions caused diseases and so having toilets and sewer systems that could control human waste became a priority to lawmakers, medical experts, inventors, and the general public.

Although Mr. Crapper did not invent the toilet, he did do much to increase the popularity of the toilet and developed important related inventions. He went on to find his company in the late 1850’s, Thomas Crapper & Company that, is still in business today.  In 1910, toilet designs started changing away from the elevated water tank into the modern toilet with a tank coupled to the bowl.

Together with its multitude of inventors, Propelair joins the ranks of those contributing to improved global health and dignity by reimagining the sanitation system.

Different to the norm

Our technology uses air to replace 7.5lt of water, achieving an 84% water saving per flush. Beyond water conservation, Propelair toilets enhance waste management, reduce carbon footprint by up to 80% due to the reduced processing of water and wastewater, and seamlessly connect to existing plumbing systems. Its durable design means that Propelair is well suited for heavy use, high traffic areas and challenging environments alike, significantly lowering maintenance cost.

Let’s talk dignity

Besides the basic hygiene benefits, access to toilets is key to people’s dignity. Having access to a safe and clean toilet is a basic human need that provides privacy in rural communities and allows young adolescent girls to continue their education journey that is often hindered by the lack of facilities and washroom privacy at their place of education.  Propelair’s off-grid system also caters to remote areas where privacy and sanitation infrastructure are lacking and where waste removal is costly.

Poor sanitation harms our people and our environment

On World Toilet Day, Propelair want to draw attention to the fact that toilets are neglected or non-existing in many parts of the world, putting strain on the sanitary system as a whole and risking the discharge of untreated wastewater into waterways, posing severe, and often fatal, consequences to human and environmental health.  While World Toilet Day may sound like a strange occasion for Propelair to commemorate, we aim to raise awareness and ensure hygiene becomes accessible to all.

Propelair, health and hygiene

Inadequate sanitation and basic handwashing facilities, contributes to the spread of diseases worldwide, resulting in diarrhoeal deaths of thousands per annum. The spreading of germs is not only prevalent in underdeveloped communities but is part of our everyday life too! Propelair’s sanitation-linked and off-grid toilet systems reduce aerosolized bacteria by up to 95% through a triple protection approach.

Firstly, it incorporates Polygiene BioMaster additives in frequently touched areas like the latch, to prevent germ growth. It secondly minimises the spread of germs by preventing the “sneeze effect” through its close-to-flush technology, and lastly, it removes 99% of contaminants through a powerful single flush that  lasts only 1.5 seconds, surpassing the conventional toilet standard which can leave up to 6% of previous users’ contaminants.

The conclusion

Propelair’s mission extends beyond commercial success; it’s driven by a deep commitment to bring dignity, health, and sustainability to people around the world. One flush at a time, Propelair is making a difference in the global sanitation crisis, championing access to safe and clean toilets for all!

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