Propelair’s Flush for the Future:
Saving our planet is remarkably simple

Small efforts that are coordinated on a global scale, will result in a significant and lasting impact

By steering consumer behaviour towards eco-friendly practices like using a low-water Propelair toilet demands minimal to no habitual user changes but can make a stellar impact and contribute to saving the planet, one flush at a time.

The real impact of flushing away our natural resources

What is the impact of flushing our natural resources away? In a recent article featured on Bizcommunity, Associate Professor Philip Kofi Adom, from the School of Economics and Finance at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa stated that “African countries will suffer significant economic loss after 2050 if global warming is not limited to below 2°C”, as found in a new study by the Centre for Global Development.

This message echoed with gravity and urgency makes for an alarming Africa-wide prediction: a 30% drop in crop revenue, 50 million citizens without water, 200 million at risk of suffering extreme hunger by 2050 and a rise in poverty of between 20% and 30% compared to a no-climate change scenario. The stark reality for Africa post-2050: a continent ravaged by economic losses, agricultural decline, and widespread suffering.

Contextualising the ticking clock

The year 2050 may sounds decades away but the fleeting span of 26 years is the equivalent to the period from 1998 to 2024 – the same short number of years that saw the technological advancements of a bulky, small screen mobile phone that could only send text and make phone calls developing into the powerful mini-computer that now fits into the palm of our hands and is used to manage almost our entire lives. Therefore, our opportunity for intervention is a mere brief one.

With a predictive population of over 2 billion, the African population is the world’s most youthful. This means that if African economies are shrinking due to resource scarcity and global climate changes, young Africans may never find their source of livelihood and the challenge may compound to the point of devastation.

How do we turn this around, globally?

Whilst the African continent sketches the picture of doom, the rest of the globe shares the same atmosphere and resources; and therefore, the same challenges – everyone will be at the receiving end. The preservation of natural resources therefore requires collective action.  Governments are obviously the big players, responsible for fostering change efforts and enabling private initiatives, through legislation, to adapt and mitigate the negative impact on our natural resources.  The private initiatives, such as Propelair Toilets, are then responsible for steering consumer behaviour towards eco-friendly practices by providing offerings that demands minimal to no habitual changes, impose no negative cost or effort impact and are sustainable in its use, manufacturing and sourcing processes.

No attempt too small

No attempts at adaptation and mitigation are too small. Envision the transformative power if all eight billion of us embraced minor changes –
Mother Earth could witness a utopian shift, in just one day! Small efforts that are coordinated on a global scale, will result in a significant and lasting impact. It is for this reason that we know that even a simple act like flushing a Propelair water-savings toilet can make a stellar impact and contribute to saving the planet, literally one flush at a time!

Our promise: no savings for you, no payment for us!

Our ethos of “big change with little effort,” is not just applicable to the Propelair user experience but also a brand promise to our customers. We stand by our product and are confident in its performance, offering to credit the cost of one installed toilet if calculated water savings are not met within the first three months of installation.

With this promise, we are adding our voice to natural resource-related issues, including water conservation.

Calculate your savings

It Pays to Save!

Amidst this daunting outlook, there exists a glimmer of hope in collective action. The fate of our planet knows no borders; it is a shared responsibility that necessitates global cooperation. From the adoption of water-saving technologies such as Propelair, to the commitment of businesses to sustainability, each step forward brings us closer to a more resilient future. It is only through concerted effort and unwavering dedication that we can hope to mitigate the looming crisis and pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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