Propelair reflects on a year packed with accolades

We’re ready to shine in 2024

Securing the top podium position in 2023 has laid a strong foundation for Propelair’s promising 2024. With an impressive collection of four awards garnered last year, we are poised to bid farewell to a successful chapter and continue our journey of enabling a healthy interdependence between the environment and humanity through sustainable developments that will ensure that we can fulfil our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own future requirements.

Partnering for success

Our year started with a shared award, with the prominent facilities management company, Redefine Group, by acquiring the gold award within the “Technologies Implementation” category. This qualified both Propelair and Redefine properties to participate in the prestigious Global Facilities Management Awards where we collectively raked in the Silver Award of Excellence.

Both award categories focused on companies that has successfully integrated technology into its infrastructure and core services to streamline and enhance their offering and thereby reduce cost and environmental impact through sustainable and ground-breaking innovations.

“As part of our Environmental, Social and Governance drive and objective of reducing water consumption, we have installed 1430 Propelair toilets between July 2022 and August 2023 in 21 offices and retail properties, which resulted in an annual saving of over almost R2.4 million in water related expenses.  In one of our major shopping centers, our reliance on municipal water supply has decreased by 59% whilst the property value has increased by an estimated R10.5 million. These toilets are amazing, it only uses 1.5lt of water to flush in comparison to the traditional 6lt to 9lt.”

At the forefront of sanitation

Propelair’s recognition was further extended by SME News who hosted their third annual British Made awards in July 2023. Being awarded the “Best sanitation Technology Solution Company in 2023” did not only elevate our product offering but through SME News’ extensive network, more stakeholders came to learn about the environmental and cost benefits that Propelair delivers.

Propelair reduces water consumption, instantly and permanently by clearing waste in just 2 seconds, using only 1.5lt of water. This 84% water saving can be measured, with precision, on an ongoing basis, making it possible to meet ESG and financial goals.  Propelair reduces water and sewage bills by up to 60% whilst also cutting carbon footprint and energy consumption by up to 80% as less resource is required for water and waste processing.

Its durable design does not only reduce maintenance cost and make it effective for high footfall areas but also improves hygiene.  With Propelair’s unique closable lid, the fecal-oral transmission path is blocked, and germs are trapped within the bowl before efficiently being removed with its single, powerful air flush.

Flushing a conventional toilet with an open lid creates a “sneeze effect,” spraying 40% – 60% of particles, bacteria, viruses and moisture up to 2 meters above the toilet seat, contaminating surrounding washroom surfaces and getting drawn into ventilation systems to travel throughout the building. The antimicrobial additives in the Polygiene BioMaster® handle further help reduce germs and minimises the risk of infection.

The power of networking

We concluded our 2023 success story by receiving our fourth award: The prestigious British Private Equity & Venture Captial Association’s “Excellence in Impact 2023” award, in the Environmental Impact Category, following a nomination by long-standing partners, Earth Capital. Water stress and scarcity is truly a global issue, one that is already affecting millions of people all over the world. Every continent is impacted in some way by this crisis, even those with regular rainfall and seemingly sufficient resource.

In driving the responsible use of water to achieve water neutrality, we aim to contribute to the correction of water mismanagement that puts further strain on the aging sanitary system, risking the discharge of untreated wastewater into waterways, posing severe, and often fatal, consequences to human and environmental health; and ultimately compromising water neutrality initiatives.

Through Propelair installations across the UK, UAE and South Africa until the end of 2022, we have collectively saved a whopping 781 668 900 litres of clean, drinking water – that is the equivalent of 312 Olympic sized swimming pools! With a Propelair investment being offset by the savings in water cost, within an average of 24 months, the installation decision is an easy one to make, resulting in water and financial savings for years after the installation.  or this reason, prominent international brands have already made Propelair an integral part of their ESG strategy.

Our 2024 crystal ball

Our enthusiasm about achieving water neutrality and contributing toward the greater environmental goal will certainly not come to an end. Our 2024 crystal ball holds a positive view of greater environmental and customer contributions. Being in a constant state of learning and understanding the unique approached required for each geographical area that we enter, our team is energised to deliver technology and products that offers more quantifiable benefits, reduces negative impacts even further, and making participating in environmental initiatives even easier!

Save water, save money!

Our innovative water-saving technology has made a great impact and received significant recognition in 2023.  As we look ahead to 2024, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly solutions and expanding our positive influence on a global scale. Our journey towards water neutrality and environmental excellence continues with optimism and a commitment to creating more sustainable solutions for the future.

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